About Me

Dr Sue Chaney

Veterinary Surgeon (BVSc., MVS)

I have over 25 years of experience in veterinary medicine with a Masters degree in Companion Animal Medical and Surgery.  I have recently sold my veterinary practice to focus on what I hope will be a smaller and more personalized approach to my clients.   

My goal is to bring exceptional veterinary care to the home, while not compromising on the quality of care nor limiting the scope of the service.    Through a combination of home visits, a small clinic in  Malvern, and access to a fully-equipped, state-of-the-art diagnostics and surgery facility in Braeside (the Veterinary Diagnostics and Surgery Centre), I am able to provide exceptional veterinary care both in the home and in the clinic.  

I enjoy getting to know my four-legged patients and developing long relationships from puppy and kittenhood through to their senior years.

I have continued to train throughout my career with a Masters degree in Companion Animal Medicine and Surgery and regular attendance at conferences and seminars. I am happy to provide second opinions on complex medical and surgical treatment plans. 

In addition to my large family, I share my home with a ShihTzus named Wanda, as well as some very special cats, Indy and Polar. In my spare time, I enjoy a good cup of coffee, multi-day hiking in Tasmania and New Zealand, and playing bass guitar.  

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